Friday, May 28, 2010

Top 5 Rockabye Baby cds

Rockabye Baby! create lullaby renditions of babys favourite rock bands or is it more like mummy and daddys favourite rock bands.  Either way these lullabies are very popular for parents that are looking for an alternative to the same old hush little baby lullabies.

At A Little Bit of Cheek we stock the entire range and have samples of most of the cds available instore which hopefully makes your decision a little bit easier when deciding which cd is right for you.

If you are like most parents your collection may be growing fast because once you have heard these cds there is no turning back!

So what are the Top 5 selling Rockabye Baby cds at A Little Bit of Cheek?

The Beatles

What's your favourite?  Mine is Coldplay.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Billies Reward Charts have been endorsed!

As you know we stock a range of exclusive reward charts from Little Billies.  Now we offer greater assurance of how these charts will help to tame your toddler in a positive way.  Recently the Little Billies range received endorsement from Eleanor who is the owner of Parent with Potential.  She holds a Bachelor of Applied Social Science Degree majoring in Counselling and works as a Child Behaviour Specialist.

Eleanor is the mother of three boys and has a special interest in how personality affects behaviour which led to her developing The Preschooler Personality in 2004. Eleanor has been supporting families with children for over 7 years. Her previous professional and work experience has involved facilitating and co-ordinating resources for families, including a support group for new mothers, a support group for mothers experiencing postnatal depression and co-facilitating a self esteem and behavioural program for primary children.

Below is the letter of endorsement from Parent with Potential:

As the owner of Parent with Potential Pty Ltd, I’d like to offer my endorsement of Little Billies, Positive Parenting Tools developed by Sarah Dawson. Sarah Dawson, the owner of Little Billies shows great initiative and resourcefulness in the design and thought of her products, aimed at helping parents and especially children through routine charts and reward charts amongst other parenting tools.

As a child behaviour specialist, I am particularly impressed with Little Billies reward charts and routine charts. What sets Little Billies apart from other reward charts is the clear pictures and descriptions that can be used by a large age group. The reward charts in particular are specific and clear about what the child is being rewarded for which is lacking in many ‘traditional’ star chart or reward chart formats. This leads to specific behaviours that can be targeted and worked on over a period of time until a child has mastered certain tasks or behaviours.

Sarah has a real skill in being able to identify need and develop tools that are easily applied and reinforced, by even a young child who would be drawn to the bright pictures and magnetic features.

I am also aware that Sarah consults with other professionals from time to time to provide input. This is very reassuring that the tools that Little Billies offers are not just developed by a mother but in consultation with a range of qualified practitioners dealing with children and parents in the fields of psychology, teaching and counselling.
If this doesn't convince you about what a great parenting tool our ROCKIN rewards charts are i can speak from experience.  I recently toilet trained my toddler and she was quick to jump off the toilet and run to the fridge to get her magnet for her 'Rock Star' reward chart, and is now one happy little toilet trained girl.

RRP $24.95 exclusively available at A Little Bit of Cheek

Friday, May 14, 2010

Rockabye Baby review in Adelaide Child

Have you grabbed your copy of Adelaide Child?
The Beatles Rockabye Baby Lullaby cd has been reviewed in the Adelaide Child!

At A Little Bit of Cheek we stock the entire Rockabye Baby Lullaby cds and you can even listen to a sample of some of the songs to help you make a decision as to which cd would best suit you and your baby.

Be warned though, once you buy one you are sure to come back for more.

Have you grabbed your copy of Adelaide Child?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day xxx

Happy mother's day to my mum who is the most FABULOUS mum in the world. I hope i can do a great job like she did.

This is four generations in my family starting with my grandma, my mum, my sister and me, then my two nieces and my daughter and that surprise in my belly.

So to all the mums out their today is our day because we have the most important job in the world and we deserve a day to be spoilt! And to all those mums to be...... you wait it's the most rewarding, amazing feeling in the world.

Friday, May 7, 2010

This little girl ROCKS!

Everytime i see this advert it makes me smile..... Have a great Friday xxx
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