Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Is your baby ready to rock?

We have some new arrivals that are sure to make your baby rock!
Oh Baby London has added a few new rockin styles for your little rocker. 

My personal favourite is the 'Mexican I Rock' onesie. Quality made with print back and front.

And for your messy little eater there are also new bibs in store that are sure to make a statement.

So if your bub is the next generation rockers, then A Little Bit of Cheek is the place to shop!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

I am wishing winter away!

This week saw the arrival of the first shipment of the Tommy Rocket and Two Belles winter range.  Now i just need winter to arrive so i can dress my little rock chick in this fabulous range.

As you would expect these designs are fabulous.  The quality to the Tommy Rocket and Two Belles range is second to none.  My only problem is the pictures don't show the intricate detail that has been put into these clothes.

As you would expect i love so many items i just don't know where to start.  While going through the Tommy Rocket clothing i told hubby this baby better be a boy because otherwise our little girl will be dressed like a boy this winter LOL!

There are heaps of different jean designs in both ranges to suit all personalities and with adjustable waist bands as well.

Hoodys galore in both the girls and boys ranges to keep your kids snugly this winter.  I just can't decide which one is my favourite.

Tees in so many different designs, some with hoods, bold stripes, bright colours and large prints the options are endless.

Don't just take my word for it, have a look for yourself. 

Be quick because this range is ROCKIN so it won't last long.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My first pregnancy purchase

So i have just past 14 weeks and am starting to feel better.  The morning sickness has passed, and i am not as tired, however my belly is expanding!  Hubby says it looks like i like drinking beer. Of course the expanding belly is a good thing.  It means are bubs is growing and developing which is great.

When i was pregnant the first time around i was so excited i wanted the world to know i jumped into maternity clothes as soon as i could.  This time around i want to stay in my 'non pregnancy' clothes for as long as possible, especially my jeans.  So i decided this time to invest in a 'Tummy Tie'.  For those that have not seen these they are made of durable, high quality elastic material and come in a pack of three.  They are easily attached to your jeans/shorts/pants/skirts etc and no one even has to know your wearing them.

I ordered mine just after Christmas (it may also have been an excess food belly) and have been wearing it ever since.  I am hoping to avoid maternity clothes for as long as possible and this little product is going to help me do it.  So if your waistline is expanding but your not ready to put away your favourite jeans i suggest you get over to Tummy Tie and see for yourself what a great product this is.

Makes it a perfect fit!
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