Friday, April 16, 2010

Sweet Blue Photography is awesome!

So last Friday A Little Bit of Cheek had its first real photo shoot (as a professional photographer took the photos not me).  Natalie from Sweet Blue Photography was brilliant.  All i had to do was decide what the kids would wear and she did the rest.  While i stood there and watched i was unsure what these photos were going to look like.  I guess unless you're looking at it though the lens you really have no idea.
You can imagine how ecstatic i am with then end results.  There are so many great photos i can't decide which one is my favourite. 
I am currently working on a new home page for A Little Bit of Cheek which i am super excited about.  I've also added a photo of me and my cheeky little girl on our 'about us' page and some of the images will be used throughout the site as well.
This photo shoot is the first of many for A Little Bit of Cheek.  My daughter and neice had a blast along with all the other kids!
Nothing beats a great photo to really show you what you are about to buy.
So if you live in Adelaide and need photos taken for your wedding, family photos or anything really i can't recommend Natalie from Sweet Blue Photography enough.

Thanks heaps Natalie xxx

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